Week 3 renovation highlights: Scaffolding went up

Week 3 on our renovation project has just finished and here are the highlights of the week. I’ve been doing weekly updates since the start (see week 1 here and week 2 update here) as the progress is quick in these first weeks of building project. I’m thinking of swapping to biweekly updates once things slow down (internal works don’t move as quickly!). The pre-renovation house tour to give you an idea of how the house looked before!

We try to visit the site at least a couple of times of the week, just to see how things progress. Although we spent a lot of time working on the house floorplans, it’s so useful to see the room layouts early on – we spotted that our guest bedroom would work better if we moved the doorway slightly.

Renovation highlights week 3

renovation highlights

Scaffolding is up! It’s still missing the cover which will go up next week and the builders can then start removing the roof and building the new floor. They also removed the old cladding this week.


hallway renovation

I’m so excited about this hallway! It was poky and tight before and although it’s obviously a mess at the moment, it will look amazing once done. The staircase will go up where the stairs are currently, using the whole width of the space.


laundry room renovation

Our new laundry room is is the most finished room in the house! The window will be changed to a slim high but otherwise it’s pretty much there (plus all the internal finishes).

Living room / kitchen / dining room

living room renovation
building project

Nothing new here – this is the old living/dining room stripped back with rubbish waiting to be removed. Due to restrictions on our road we couldn’t have skips so the rubbish need to be removed in smaller vans.

Guest bedroom and bathroom

bathroom project

Walls are up and window openings have been cut and then boarded up as he windows won’t arrive until January. The guest en-suite bathroom is on the picture above – it backs on the hallway and the back wall is still currently open.

Children’s bedrooms and shower rooms

window opening
en-suite showerroom

Kids rooms new walls and openings are up, and the new window openings have been made and boarded up. New plumbing pipes have been already installed to be ready in place for the new bathrooms.

I’m trying to make decisions about the bathrooms at the moment and I have pinning lots of inspiration on my bathroom Pinterest board. Luckily it’s just mainly about the layouts as I haven’t made up my mind about how the bathrooms will look like quite yet!

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