Weekly food shop & 5 easy family midweek dinners

Our lockdown weekly food shop isn’t actually that different from our usual food shop, I just need to be a bit more careful with meal planning. I tend to always have ingredients for one or two meals that can be made with ingredients with long lasting expiry dates. In addition to this food shop, we also have a one, or sometimes two top ups of fresh vegetables and fruit.
The meals we had last week were all quick and easy, which is how I prefer my cooking midweek! We all eat the same food (have done from when my children were very young) as it’s tricky enough to meal plan & cook for one dinner per day! We try to have more vegetarian food but the foods my kids request are often non-vegetarian.

Slow cooker I can’t live without is this one and my food processor can be found here.

Aubergine & mozzarella pasta recipe is here.