Where to buy the best faux flowers

Hands up, who likes faux flowers? My frugal grandma used to have artificial flowers in her house. The type that looks plastic from the other side of the road. Overly bright colours and very clumsy design.

image 2: claireheffner.com, image 3: heykatie.co

I wanted to make this post about silk flowers and plants just to prove to you that they are not all that bad! Don’t get me wrong, I do love real flowers and plants, but sometimes faux flowers are a good option to have. Like in rooms with very little natural light, or on top of a tall furniture (I never remember to water those). Or if you just are hopeless at keeping the real ones alive!

I also have have a few faux greenery leaves, which I often combine with (real) supermarket cut flowers. I also love foraging greenery and flowers from my garden. Obviously there isn’t much to choose in the winter, but I think that even a little branch of real greenery makes the faux bouquets more interesting. I’m hoping to grow more flowers in my garden too, I already have peonies and hydrangeas, but would also like to grow dahlias and roses. Just waiting to move back so I can get busy in the garden!

I have chosen a few different artificial flowers suited for various budgets. Click the pics below to buy:

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